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As SBK Healthcare, we work tirelessly to ensure that we deliver value, connections and superlative customer service to our partners, sponsors and exhibitors. Here are just some of the organisations that have supported our events in the past.

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"What sets SBK Healthcare apart from the crowd is their knack of focusing events on the issues and challenges facing healthcare today, and inspiring delegates to interact and contribute. There is a real sense of taking part, which helps to bring sponsor and delegate closer together"

(Jim Gabrielle, RealTime Health Ltd)

"Absolutely brilliant! Thought provoking, inspiring examples of innovative care in paediatrics"

(Lesley Dustagheer – East and North Herts)

"Great networking and sharing of ideas related to outpatient services"

(Tracey McKelland – Cambridge University Hospital)

"Very well organised. Great speakers with great examples of positive change and improvements"

(Emily Beer – Northern Devon Health Care Trust)

"Thought provoking and informative, gave rise to multiple ideas for evaluation and improvement opportunities"

(Chris Hoeller – Musgrove Park Hospital)

"Good networking opportunity to meet up with some key people in national projects (e.g. CRG roles/NHS England projects) as well as meeting people who have delivered on small scale projects"

(Richa Gupta – Lancashire Teaching Hospitals)

"Motivation to expand what is already in place at my own trust"

(Carolyn Barrett – Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust)

"Informative and innovative challenges your ideas and how to do things differently"

(Jerusha Murdoch-Kelly – Basildon and Thurrock)

"The content of the agendas and the quality of the speakers and attendees make SBK Healthcare Outpatient Management events, a ‘must not miss’ for Intouch. We would recommend this event to all staff involved in the management of NHS Outpatient Departments"

(Chief Executive Officer, Intouch with Health)

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If you would like more information on our sponsorship and exhibition options or if you wish to discuss your needs and what solutions may be appropriate for your business, please contact:

Sarah Kemm
Contact: 01732 897788

SBK Healthcare is the leading provider of service delivery conferences, seminars and workshops for managers, nurses and clinicians working in the NHS.

  SBK Healthcare

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Tel: 01732 897 788
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Business Hours : 8:30 - 5:00

SBK Healthcare provides conferences, seminars and forums for NHS staff to come together and learn from NHS leaders across the country as well as each other. Every NHS course held by SBK Healthcare focuses on the unique clinical or operational demands that are putting the NHS workforce under pressure. By sharing examples of achievable service delivery, case studies of innovative clinical implementation and forums for attendees to meet like-minded individuals who are all striving for change, each NHS conference is designed to inform, inspire and motivate. Every NHS course is thoroughly researched and produced to help different NHS services to improve their patient experience, drive forward efficiency, and build better outcomes.

Each year, we develop over 100 forums taking place all over the country including Manchester, Birmingham, York, Bristol, Leicester, Leeds, Cambridge and Stirling. We are always building new events, to date we have covered the following NHS service areas: Acute Oncology, Admissions and Discharge, Cancer, Chemotherapy, Clinical Coding, Clinical Governance, Clinical Research, Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Critical Care, CAMHS, Diabetes Prevention, Diagnostics & Radiology, Digital Solutions, Endoscopy, Emergency Unscheduled, Family Integrated Care, Gynaecology, Heart Failure, IAPT, IV therapy, Immunotherapy, Information Governance, Insulin Pumps, Maternity, Medical Devices, Mental Health, Neonatal, Non-Medical Prescribing, Nuclear Medicine, Nurses, Ophthalmology, Outpatients, Paediatrics, Pathology, Palliative Care, Patient Experience, Pathology, Pre-Operative Assessment, PWP Development, Rehabilitation, Renal, Respiratory Service, Stroke, Virtual Clinics.

Operating as a small business, SBK Healthcare provide industry-supported National Networking Forums in addition to SBK Healthcare conferences and courses, which are research driven and enabled through attendee funding.

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