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SBK: Healthcare donate £1 for every completed evaluation form at the events to a nominated charity. Each year we chose a different charity and we would welcome your nominations for next year. Please contact Caroline Cooper on 01732 897788 or to suggest a charity which is important to you.

Please do take a moment to view the charities we have and are supporting.

2020: Lifeshare


Lifeshare works with Manchester’s many homeless people. The first point of contact is with people on the streets, offering practical assistance, support and information, plus they open up a kitchen at Charter Street Ragged School on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 7am-9am.

Find out more about Lifeshare by visiting their website:

2019: Crossroads Care

Crossroads Care

One member of the SBK Healthcare staff’s mum receives support from this service and said that those few hours a week that they help has made all the difference. So this year, SBK Healthcare will be raising money for Crossroads Care Kent.

Crossroads has a passion for supporting Carers and the people they care for. For over 30 years across Kent, their staff have been visiting families who are providing loving care and support for their family members or friends, unselfishly and unconditionally. Their mission is to ensure that every Carer gets the support they need at the earliest possible opportunity; a regular break and appropriate and timely information and advice. Crossroads help Carers to make a life of their own outside of caring by providing quality care services and offering peace of mind while they enjoy some time to themselves.

Find out more about Crossroads Care Kent by visiting their website:

2018: SIFA Fireside

SIFA Fireside

SBK Healthcare hold many conferences in Birmingham and we see homeless people outside on the coldest nights. So, this year we would like to support SIFA Fireside, a dynamic Birmingham based charity improving health and inclusion for homeless people.

SIFA Fireside works seven days a week with some of the most vulnerable adults in our society: those experiencing homelessness or who are vulnerably-housed. Many of the people they work with have complex mental and physical health problems, some have addictions, and all are socially excluded. They run a daily Drop-In service where they provide on average 3,404 meals, over 100 people given clothes and 429 showers each month for their clients.

Find out more about the SIFA Fireside by visiting their website:

2017: Oliver Fisher Special Care Baby Trust

Breakaway Foundation

The Trust helps to support the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Medway Maritime Hospital in Kent. The fund has been used to purchase essential equipment on the unit and provides travel expenses to help parents to visit their babies on a daily bases and provides funding for the Kent Neonatal Transport ambulance. This is a personal thank you by a member of our staff who now has a healthy baby boy, thanks to the vital role of the Oliver Fisher Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Find out more about the Oliver Fisher Special Care Baby Trust by visiting their website:

Hugo-Blaze when he first arrived at the Unit and today

2016: Heart of Kent Hospice

Breakaway Foundation

Heart of Kent Hospice is an independent charity providing specialist end of life care for people facing the challenge of a life-limiting illness, and support for their families. They care for nearly 1,000 patients and their families each year in their own homes, in the community or in the Hospice, improving their quality of life and helping to make every day precious.

Find out more about Heart of Kent Hospice by visiting their website:

In addition to the evaluation forms, Marie Heinsen and Sarah Kemm took part in the Whitstable 10k raising £381 for Heart of Kent Hospice.

2015: Breakaway

Breakaway Foundation

Breakaway is the only UK wide charity offering support to children with bladder and/or bowel diversions/dysfunction and their families. Since 2006 Breakaway has helped around 300 families, taking them out of isolation and helping them to realise that they are not on their journey alone.

In 2013, Breakaway held their first Only Kids Allowed weekend, offering the chance for children aged 11 and above to spend a weekend away without mum and dad, helping them to gain their independence and learn to self-care, often for the first time.

Find out more about Breakaway by visiting their website:

2014: Emilia's Little Heart Foundation

Emilias Little Heart

In 2014 SBK supported Emilia's Little Heart Foundation, set up to help aid in the recovery of children who have to stay in hospital through supporting them emotionally by providing opportunities for play and pain distraction.

The charity aims to heal through play, and every child during their hospital stay can be given what we provide to help with that. They currently provide on a regular basis: stickers (I saw the doctor, I had a blood test etc,) certificates (good quality and designed by children), and art and craft activities (purchased from Baker Ross). They also purchase larger items for play in the play areas and pain distraction equipment on the wards. Their largest projects have been the refurbishment of a play room over £10,000 and they are currently working on the creation of an app for intensive care patients.

For further information please visit their website, or contact Claire Webb on

2013: Kissing it Better

Kissing It Better

Kissing it Better works to enhance and improve patient experience in healthcare settings. The charity was founded 3 years ago by Jill Fraser and Nicola Matthews. Both trained as nurses, but when their children and elderly parents developed serious health problems, they rapidly gained an understanding of the NHS as a consumer too. Whilst acknowledging that there were areas where the treatment their families received could have been better, they also experienced some excellent care. They soon realised how demoralised good nursing staff became by the endless negative newspaper headlines which rarely acknowledged those health workers who were prepared to go the extra mile for their patients – so they decided to do something about it!

The charity is a ‘one stop shop’ for sharing and implementing simple, imaginative, yet easily achievable ideas that can make the world of difference to patients and those who care for them. The interactive website is a key tool in collecting and disseminating these simple ideas which can easily be put in to practice on the hospital ward or in the home.

2012: East Cheshire Hospice

East Cheshire Hospice

The contribution from our evaluation forms in 2012 was donated to to support their on-going work caring for adults suffering from life-limiting illnesses from which there is no cure. The Hospice team care for the whole person, aiming to meet all needs, whether they are medical, emotional or spiritual or around the challenges of daily living.

Based in Macclesfield their patients come from across East Cheshire to be cared for by the Hospice; they are at the heart of everything they do. The services they provide are completely free and are available for people to use at any stage of their illness, not just at the end of their lives. This year it will cost £3.2million to run the Hospice, and a staggering 80% of these costs need to be covered by donations and fundraising.

Find out more at

2010 – 2011: Guide Dogs for the Blind

Guide Dogs for the Blind

In 2010 and 2011 the donation was used to sponsor a Guide Dog Puppy called Rufus in his first year. He was born in April 2012 and named by the team.

To find out more about the Guide Dogs please visit their website:

Plus… Cancer Research

Cancer Research

A cake sale was held in 2014 on the grounds outside our offices for all the passers-by and local staff to buy our home-cooked cakes. The staff had a lot of fun, using our event skills for charity and putting our cooking skills to practice.

Two members of staff also did a 5k fun run for Cancer Research in 2013

For further information on Cancer Research, please visit

Plus… East Cheshire Hospice

We do keep up with the charities we support and in 2015 one member of staff did a 10k run, raising money, once again for East Cheshire Hospice.

Plus… AquAid

SBK Healthcare continue to support AquAid through the installation of a water cooler which means that for each of the machines that we have, we have donated £20 per year per cooler to The Africa Trust. Through our contributions to The Africa Trust, an 'Elephant Pump' is being installed in Africa on our behalf. This pump will bring much needed, clean, fresh drinking water and improve the quality of life of those who will have access to our well.

See further details at


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