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Advancing Paramedic Practice for Urgent Care 09 September 2014

Negotiating NHS Commercial Clinical Research 09 September 2014

NHS Private Patient Services 09 September 2014

How to Set Up a Frailty Assessment Unit 10 September 2014

NHS Guide to Winning Commercial Research 10 September 2014

How to Set-up your NHS Private Patient Service 10 September 2014

Progressing Veterans’ Mental Health Services 16 September 2014

Redesigning Paediatric Services 16 September 2014

IAPT for Long Term Conditions 17 September 2014

New Models for Children’s Community Nursing 17 September 2014

Radiology Change Management 24 September 2014

Successful Tendering for Sexual Health Services 24 September 2014

Endoscopy Change Management 25 September 2014

How to Implement an Integrated Respiratory Service 25 September 2014

Heart Failure Rehabilitation Service 07 October 2014

Supporting Data Quality through Clinical Coding 07 October 2014

Improving Productivity and Capacity in your Dermatology Service 08 October 2014

Progressing Early Supported Discharge  08 October 2014

How to Transform your Dermatology Workforce 09 October 2014

Driving Forward Stroke Rehabilitation  09 October 2014

Progressing Nurse-led Orthopaedic Services 14 October 2014

Quality POCT for Community Health Services  14 October 2014

Improving Mental Health Liaison in A&E 15 October 2014

Improving Service Quality and Patient Flow in Orthopaedic Services 15 October 2014

Successful Tendering for Public Health Services 15 October 2014

Mental Health Service Integration 16 October 2014

Transition from Children's to Adult Health Services 10 November 2014

Implementing a Paediatric Transition Programme 11 November 2014

Managing Demand in your Ophthalmology Service 11 November 2014

Emergency Care Rapid Assessment and Treatment 11 November 2014

Redesigning your Emergency Department 12 November 2014

Integrated Discharge Teams  12 November 2014

Discharge to Assess 13 November 2014

How to Improve the Quality of your Dietetics Service 25 November 2014

POCT Quality ISO Standards 25 November 2014

Progressing your Gynaecology Service Delivery 25 November 2014

Implementing Emergency Gynaecology Services 26 November 2014

NHS Dietetics Outcomes 2014 26 November 2014

Actions for Improvement: Clinical Audit 03 December 2014

Commissioning Quality Non-Emergency Patient Transport 04 December 2014

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